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miyamiyaneko's Journal

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I am a girl of 18 who loves Japanese culture
since I was a dwarf x3 first started watching anime,
which got me into this world was [Sailor Moon x3], and thanks to this anime, introduced me in this world, then started watching other series, and I liked most, then started with the j-music, listening to a lot j-pop x3, Where did you confess and that? wave, [Morning musume], but then I started to like the j-rock and things like x3, then the knowledge Visual-kei, really since I first saw him I knew that it would be for me, and to this day I like a lot, but really the Oshare-kei is what I like most, most of my favorite bands are Oshare, but also listen to all, with that music
is good and worked well, you are welcome, well, my favorite band is Alice Nine, the master of love, really love, this band is very important to me, really want a lot, his music really comes to my heart (and I hardly) but if it is really so, the master Alice nine! and Well, my favorite is integral Shou-kun (vocalist) Kyaa, I love him ^ _ ^
I admire you very much! ~ I have learned a lot from, and each day I love most, whether if it is, my dream is that once Alice Nine, come to my country, Chile, actually have many fans, both boys and girls, ^ ^ Y that! ~